About Flip.to

Our mission is to help hotels earn new guests

Advocologists at work

Launched in 2010, Flip.to is a platform designed to reach travelers around the world in a natural, trusted way to boost brand awareness and have a significant, measurable impact on a hotel's bottom line.

(Advocology is our science-y approach to turning advocacy into revenue.)

Raul Vega
Senior Director of Sales
Alfredo Moreno de la Santa
Senior Director of Sales, Europe
Jeff Weibel
Chief Marketing Officer
Crystal Ellington
Business Development Representative
Richard Dunbar
Director of Partnerships
Brian Kent
CEO & Co-Founder
Gil Shabat
CTO & Co-Founder
Eric Peters
Director of Engineering
Debi Moses
Senior Director of Sales, Americas
Edward St.Onge
President of Global Sales & Marketing
Eric Korff
Implementation Specialist
Doug Ra
Creative Director
Michael Mathews
Account Manager
Chris Coleman
Senior Front-End Engineer
Winnie Cheng
Senior Designer
Danielle Fierman
Account Executive
Roman Kupin
Senior Front-End Engineer
Keith Durden
Chief Financial Officer
David Bruce
Implementation Specialist
Matt Caverly
Account Manager
Diane Van Leunen
Director of Digital Marketing
Rosana Burlingame
Accounting & HR Manager
Melissa Winterstine
Business Development Representative
Geetha Balakrishnan
Vice President of Customer Success
Kevin Tiller
Senior Back-End Engineer
Hunter Garrett
Content Strategist
Carlos Arbona
Business Development Research Analyst