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Erin shared her story to a warm audience of over 150 outdoor-loving, beach-going friends with families of their own.
Erin's spectacular story lead to a hundredfold introductions. With fellow guests, they told a richer story for Adrift.

Inspire travelers
long before “book now.”

In just one year, guests at Adrift helped this 80-room hotel reach
1 / 2
...plus 4,000 warm leads, thousands of booked room nights, and one incredible library of content.

Convert personal introductions into future prospects.

Turn excitement for an upcoming trip into authentic introductions.
Attract warm audiences when guests share captivating experiences.
And capture new travelers worldwide when guests relive their fondest moment.

Build a gallery of stories well told.

Capture the hearts and minds of travelers worldwide.

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Track everything, from site visits right down to travelers who convert.
Better understand and curate your growing library of guest content with Vision AI.
Watch as your team of advocates grow your audience of travelers who are the perfect fit.

New leads.
Every. Single. Day.

Cut through the noise and say hello to your future travelers.

There's no other way to warmly introduce your brand to a global audience before your competitors even have a chance.

Ever-growing inspiration.

Amplify your brand with an incredible library of content that never stops growing—authentic traveler stories more potent than any stock photo.

Because something special happens when travelers discover your brand through real experiences shared by friends & family.

Level up to bigger profits.

Start boosting revenue with an entirely new channel of travelers booking direct.

Realize the ginormous impact of advocacy with Flip.to. The platform comes fully charged, with a team of advocacy experts any time you need.

“Flip.to lets us drive more direct bookings while creating a huge impact on our brand and ROI. Plus, we're able to thank our loyal advocates, rewarding those that stay, and eventually their friends and family. It's a win-win-win for the hotel, our guests and their network.

Flip.to is incredibly easy to manage and take live, with an Account Management team that made the process quick and seamless. I only wish we had started sooner.

Melissa Graves, Director of Sales and Revenue Strategy
Platinum Hotel

“Flip.to has taken the headache out of capturing, curating, and distributing our guests' incredible stories, saving our team countless hours. It's always a pleasant surprise to come back to the Flip.to platform and see how much content and reach we've effortlessly captured.”

Elyse Cottle, Director of Promotions
Caribe Royale

“The guest stories we've captured using Flip.to have brought a genuine voice to our online presence, while boosting traffic from our ideal travelers.

Whether someone is looking for a dog-friendly property, a romantic getaway, or a place where they have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, the Flip.to platform has unveiled some incredibly fun, personable, and even heartwarming experiences. The quality of this guest-created content is second-to-none.

Linh DePledge, Operations & Marketing Director
Adrift Hotel

Toggle on your most authentic, wide-reaching and measurable brand marketing yet.

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